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How to Save a Relationship in Crisis

"Discover How to Save a Relationship in

Crisis With the Secret Principles

That Every Woman Should Know!"

When it comes to saving a relationship or marriage, most experts want to talk about improving communication and problem solving skills; I want to talk about why taking that approach is, without question, the fastest way to shove a relationship or marriage, that is already on the edge, completely over the cliff!

When you first met your partner, did you have trouble communicating? If you're like most, the answer would be plainly no! And, in the beginning, did you have difficulty solving problems in your relationship? Again, the answer would be no because, in all likelihood, there weren't any relationship problems!

I have proven, time and time again, that this approach is not only counterproductive, but, in most cases, it also causes irreparable harm to a relationship.

There is a way, though, to not only save your marriage or relationship, but also to transform it into something above and beyond what you've ever imagined possible!

So, how about you? Where are you at with your relationship?

Is your relationship in crisis or in jeopardy?

Are you at risk of losing your marriage or long term-relationship?

Are you frustrated and confused about how to save your relationship?

Has your partner hit you with this heartbreaker; "I love you, but I'm not in love with you anymore?"

Have you been blind-sided by your partnerís betrayal and infidelity?

Are you utterly shocked by your partnerís rejection and unwillingness to reconcile the relationship?

Does your partner blame you for the failing relationship while accepting very little, if any, responsibility whatsoever?

Have you been riding an emotional roller coaster?

Have you been lying awake at night, losing sleep, and worrying yourself sick over your failing relationship?

Of course you want to save your relationship or marriage. Thatís why youíre here, right? Well, Iím going to show exactly how to accomplish your goal! But, the crisis you've found yourself neck deep in goes way beyond just saving your relationship. You see, it's also about self-love, personal growth and evolution. That's right! If you want to have a magical relationship and a life filled with love and happiness, you're going to have to love yourself into it. Therefore, if you're ready to unlock your true potential and authentic feminine power, come with me. Please continue readingÖ.

You see, Iíve spent over seven years researching relationship dynamics, coaching clients, and perfecting the Secret Principles of Relationship Rehab! And, I've jam-packed them into a powerful, Free E-COURSE ($49 value) that shows you exactly what to say and do to save your relationship!

Even if you've tried other programs, this is the ONLY TRUE system on the planet that "breaks the mainstream mold" by showing you how to save your relationship single handedly without asking your partner for one single thing -Zero! My Secret Principles will help you get right to the heart of your relationship crisis. My easy to follow steps outline, exactly, what you need to say and do to not only save your relationship, but also to transform your life into a magical masterpiece of love and happiness!

"The Secret Principles of Relationship Rehab, Revealed!" E-COURSE is available via FREE instant download, so in seconds you'll have these powerful relationship saving secrets in your hands!

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How to Save a Relationship in Crisis

Saving a relationship is really all about change, isnít it? If you could just get your partner to spend more time with you, work less often, be more understanding, more romantic, less sarcastic, less critical, and less controlling then you would have the perfect relationship! Wouldnít you? Youíve probably tried to get him to change, but the harder you try the worse it seems to get! Doesnít it? The more you plead and prod the more he resists or withdraws, and the more confused and frustrated you get!

Just because he told you that itís not his fault, or that he blames the failing relationship on you, doesn't mean that he canít change or that saving your relationship is impossible! As a matter of fact, he already did change!

Think about it! In the beginning, he was the loving, caring, and understanding person that youíve always wanted, but somewhere along the line he changed, didnít he? Unfortunately, it wasnít in a way that contributed to saving your relationship! Therefore, he did change, and itís possible for him to change again if you're willing to approach the relationship from the right perspective!

You see, very few women realize that the secret to saving a relationship is not force or manipulation, but rather attraction! And, when most are faced with the emotional upheaval of a relationship crisis, they instinctively act out of desperation and inadvertently worsen the situation!

Four Dangerous Mistakes That Women Make!

1. Telling him that youíll change

Reassuring him that you wonít; complain anymore, be controlling, wonít lie, or have another affair never works. You see, all of the talking is over at this point in the crisis, and actions will have to speak louder than words. What you're really saying when you tell him youíve changed is; give me my way because I donít really care what you want. This will only cause him to pull away from you and will hurt your chances of saving the relationship. You see when it comes to saving a relationship actions really do speak louder than words!

2. Saying that you love him

Telling your partner over and over again that you love him is like saying that you want something different than what he wants. He wants to pull away and you want him to come closer. There's a reason that he is pulling away, and what youíre doing in essence is ignoring his needs. Saving a relationship is not about forcing the issue, it's about attraction!

3. Trying to change him

Plodding, pleading, and arguing with him in an attempt to get him to change never works. In fact, it is actually counterproductive to saving a relationship and is the quickest way to destroy it .

4. Acting out of desperation

Desperation is not attractive to anyone! When you say, ďI love you, please donít leave me,Ē what your really saying is; I have very little self-confidence. In essence, your sending a message that you know the world is full of good looking men, but none of them would ever be interested in you. That message has low self-esteem written all over it. If you want to save your relationship, you have to show your partner the confident woman he's always wanted. Your partner wants a woman that makes him feel like a man. He wants a woman that displays confidence and/or feminine power.

Why Can't We communicate?

Have you ever gone to counseling, tried other programs, or read any of the relationship saving books that are available today? If so, youíre probably familiar with the theories of communication, problem solving skills, and managing surface behaviors, as being the basis for saving a relationship.

Well, have you ever tried to communicate with your partner or solve a problem in the middle of a crisis?

You see, I am not going to tell you that the cause of the crisis is a result of failing communication because it isnít. Think about it. Prior to the crisis did you and your partner have trouble communicating? Of course you didnít!! You donít need to learn how to communicate; you need to fix the underlying issues that caused the lack of communication!

I am not going to tell you that the cause of your crisis is a lack of problem solving skills, or that it's the key to saving your relationship because it isnít. Prior to the crisis did either you or your partner have trouble solving problems? No, because there werenít any problems! You see, the solution for saving a relationship is not to learn how to manage the problem, but rather to eliminate the problem at the source. And, unlike some books I am not going to give you a workbook or page after page of various exercises that are aimed at improving your communication and problem solving skills. Why? Because it is a complete waste of your time!

And, I am also not going to tell you that the crisis stems from your partnerís inability to listen to you, spend more time with you, be more romantic, or be more understanding! These are all superficial behaviors that are a direct result of the frustration caused by underlying issues, and attacking them will only make the situation worse! There are always underlying issues that sabotage a relationship. And, if you want to save the relationship, you must address them!

What If Youíre The Only One That Wants To Save your Relationship?

More often than not, only one partner wants to save the relationship while the other refuses to accept any blame, or even acknowledge that they need to change! This fact alone renders traditional counseling totally ineffective since it is based on both partners participating. Therefore, most counselors would view this as a problem, but I donít! You see, I have proven time in and time out that the best way to save a relationship and reconnect with your partner is by approaching it from one side of the equation! So, if your partner claims that he doesn't want to save your relationship, don't despair because it's actually the perfect opportunity to save it! You see, the power to save your relationship and transform your life rests in the palm of your hand. In fact, it's been there all along! And now, I'm going to show you how to harness that power!

Above and Beyond Saving a Relationship!

Letís face it; you had a great relationship before, right? And you want to have that again, right? Thatís why youíre here!

But, what if you could do more than just save your relationship?

What could save your relationship by getting your partner to fall hopelessly in love with you, all over again?

What if..... you could save your relationship and create a long-lasting bond that would make him commit to you forever?

What if.... you could awaken a hidden feminine power that would save your relationship and transform your life-forever!

What could eliminate all the fears and self-limiting beliefs, and transform yourself into authentic, divine, feminine perfection?

What could obtain unstoppable confidence and master unconditional love, so that you'd attract love like a magnet?

What if.... you could be completely in the driver's seat to save your relationship-even if you're the only one that wants to save it?

Gain FREE instant access to my Secret Principles, and learn....

1. How to put the brakes on your break-up with 2 simple phrases

2. The real reason the intimacy is gone and how to restore it

3. How to reconnect with your partner and save your relationship

4. How to skyrocket your self-esteem and harness the power of attraction

5. How to eliminate self-limiting beliefs and fears

6. How to awaken your feminine power

7. How to get your partner to reverse his position, change his mind, and worship the ground you walk on

8. How to create an emotional bond so powerful that your partner will absolutely crave being with you

9. How to master the secrets of romance to fulfill your wildest desires!

Specific techniques and exact scripts that can be put right to saving your relationship and transforming your life!

The Secret Principles E-COURSE is available via FREE instant download, so in seconds you'll have these powerful relationship saving secrets in your hands!

There's absolutely no cost or obligation to you, just the help you need when it comes to saving your relationship and transforming your life!

Here's what people are saying about the Secret Principles of Relationship Rehab Revealed E-course!

Hi David,

I just wanted to let you know:

Back in January, my 24 year marriage started spiraling down and out of control, until we finally separated in June. At that time, I started receiving your e-guides and e-mails, read everyone, and applied all of them to the way I handled my marriage. Some of your advice took me a while to apply. But, once I followed ALL of your advice, everything started to fall in place. Just as you said it would!

My husband moved back in about a month ago and we're closer and happier than we ever were! We're in love with each other again. Can you believe it, after 24 years........ I learned to change me and not him. I learned to respect my husband as well as myself. It was amazing. Once I let go of the past, wanted to be happy and not necessarily right, and learned to respect myself, all the walls started coming down.

I thank you and will think of you on our 25th anniversary this coming May. Never realized how happy we could be. I have my husband back, my lover back and my best friend back. (My other half)

Thank you!

Sincerely yours,
Janet A

Good luck and great love,

David Roppo
Life Coach - Author - Speaker



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How to Save a Relationship

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